1. Why FRPS enclosures?

Fire Compliance is the law. The 2006 International Building Code Section 712.4.1.2 (Page 104) states:

"Penetrations of membranes that are part of a fire-resistance-rated horizontal or vertical assembly shall comply with section 712.1.1.1 or 712. Where assemblies are required to have a minimum 1-hour fire-resistance rating, all fixtures or devices shall be installed such that the required fire resistance of these assemblies will not be reduced."

2. Why can't I use a sheetrock enclosure?

Site-constructed sheetrock enclosures are subject to the widest variations in quality of installation and consequently performance. Those who build these sheetrock versions may not understand or appreciate the importance of the function of the required enclosure. The sheetrock option DOES NOT perform, and it is NOT a tested and listed configuration.

3. How do FRPS products provide cost savings?

FRPS enclosures not only keep you in compliance of the fire code requirements, but they provide substantial cost savings. When using FRPS enclosures, contractors avoid the stacking of trades and the retracing of their steps 3-4 times on a job site. This gives them full control of their labor costs and secures bottom line profits.

4. How do FRPS enclosures differ from other enclosures?

FRPS enclosures have all been FIRE TESTED. Always ask your wholesaler or manufacturer for the fire test listing number. This will ensure that the product has been FIRE TESTED and is APPROVED to be used in the qualified fire rated assembly. "Classified" IS NOT equivalent to "Tested and Approved, Listing # xxxxxx".