Fire Rated Lighting Enclosures

Part Number FN-Z-12-20-9    Part Number FN-Z-15-16-9 (New Size!)


Part Number FN-Z-12-20-9    Part Number FN-Z-15-16-9 (New Size!)

      (Fixtures not included)                             (Fixtures not included)
Fire Rated Recessed Light Enclosure: The FN-Z-15-16-9 accommodates most Compact Fluorescent (CFL) down lighting. CFL fixtures typically have housings that are larger in width and length than conventional incandescents. It measures 15.20" Wide x 16.20" Long x 9.50" Deep. Installs in floor/ceiling assemblies with joist spacing of either 19.20" or 24" o.c. This one hour rated recessed lighting enclosure may be used with all types of recessed lights including down lights, energy efficient fluorescents, low hats, and high hats. The FN-Z-15-16-9 is compatible with all makes and models of lighting fixtures.

ASTM E-119; UL263; NFPA 251; ANSI A2.1; UBC 7-1; ULC S101.
Intertek / Warnock Hersey Listing Number 20182.