Fire Rated Weatherization - Airtight Enclosures

FN-Z-15-16-9-AIRTIGHT          FN-Z-12-20-9-AIRTIGHT

FN-Z-15-16-9-AIRTIGHT-RC    FN-Z-12-20-9-AIRTIGHT-RC

(with RC Channel)                                      (with RC Channel)

Air leakage around recessed lights, both IC rated and non-IC rated, contributes up to 15% of energy loss in home heating. The 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires all recessed lights be installed with an approved system for meeting an IC rating and reducing air flow. FRPS airtight enclosures provide an IC rating and are airtight as required by the IECC. FRPS airtight enclosures are also fire rated, providing life safety as an additional benefit.

ASTM E-119; UL263; NFPA 251; ANSI A2.1; UBC 7-1; ULC S101.
Intertek / Warnock Hersey Listing Number 20182.